About Hugis

HUGIS - is a Lithuanian guitarist, songwriter and a music tutor. He grew up listening to rock music from early days in his family. Although he started learning music in early age, his first instrument was a trombone because there were no guitar teachers in his small home town of Kelme. But it was no magnet to the young boy. But by the time he was 16, one of his choir friends tought him the first chord, which was a G major. "After I strummed it, I started hearing melody and realised that I can take it further wherever I want it to go and that music is magic. It struck me like a lightning". Since then, the guitar was always next to him. Learning to play songs from tapes by ear, his passion grew and it still does to this day.

Although he played and collaborated with the biggest Lithuanian artists, his passion was his own rock music experience and expression, which gradually led him leaving all the popular projects, and staying with ones he admires. Such as ACDC Project(LT) and Guns In Roses (LT). But mostly he rocks with his localy established and well known band in rock community called "FIRE IT UP" and also writes and make records as a solo artist.